Kieu-Chinh is a legendary Vietnamese-American actress with nearly six decades of international contributions to the motion picture industry from: Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, China, India, Australia, and Canada. Following the end of the Vietnam War in 1975, Kieu-Chinh became a refugee.  She came to the U.S. under the generosity and sponsorship of actress, Tippi Hedren, whom helped Chinh get back to work in Hollywood.

Chinh’s appearances exceed more than 100 film and television shows such as: M*A*S*H, China Beach, Dynasty, ER, NCIS: Los Angeles, A Yank In Vietnam, Operation C.I.A., The Joy Luck Club, Face, Journey From The Fall, which garnered her critical acclaim, numerous accolades, and awards throughout her career including: The Best Actress Award of South Vietnam (1969), Best Leading Actress from the Asian Film Festival in Taipei (1973), Cinema Delle Donne Film Festival in Italy (2003), Lifetime Achievement Awards from Vietnamese International Film Festival-VIFF (2003), San Diego Film Festival (2006), and San Francisco Global Movie Festival - Festival of Globe (2015).

Kieu-Chinh is president, co-founder, and co-chair of the Vietnam Children’s Fund (VCF) a non-profit organization along with the late Lewis Puller Jr., and journalist, Terry Anderson.  Since its inception in 1993, VCF has built 50 schools in Vietnam providing safe and high quality education for more than 25,000 students annually.